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2013 Funders :

N.S. Department of Community Services

NS Dept of Community Services


N.S. Department of Education


NS Dept of Education
Halifax Children Aid Foundation


Halifax Youth Foundation


United Way of Halifax District United Way of Halifax





We would also like to thank our past funders:


The Children’s Aid Society of Halifax Foundation



The Gordon Foundation for Children and Youth



Halifax Regional Municipality



The National Crime Prevention Strategy's Community Mobilization Program (NCPC)



Youth Employability Project



We would also like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their support of our project in 2012-13:


Sue Barr – United Way of Halifax Region
Novalee Buchan – driver
Curtis Davidson – driver
John Chiasson – photographer (The Voice)
Clete Deschamps – Youth Alternative worker, driver
Sonya Ferrara – Chair of board
Mary Anne Fraser – Department of Community Services
Shauntay Grant – board member, workshop facilitator
Gia Greer – drawing workshop leader
Emma Halpern – Nova Scotia Barristers' Society
Dr. Bill Hart – Halifax Region Children's Aid Foundation
Geoff Hood – Department of Community Services contact
Angie Kokic – book keeper
Marika Lathem – Department of Community Services
Shannon Delbridge – Department of Education
Carole MacDougall – United Way of Halifax Region
Kyle MacIsaac – McInnes Cooper
Kilby MacRae – Phoenix Learning and Employment Centre
Jane Landry – Nova Scotia Council for The Family
Rebecca Moore – facilitator, board member
Claire Munroe – Phoenix Learning & Employment Centre
Lisa Neily – graphic designer
Tim Nowlan – TD Bank, guest speaker
John Odenthal – board member
Ammy Purcell – facilitator, board member
Kay Rogers-Lidstone – board member
Andrew Safer – advisor, board member
David Swick – guest editor
Jerry West – guest editor

Alderney Landing Theatre – Newsletter launch venue
Atlantic News – magazines for collages
Fusion Print – Newsletter printing
Halifax Region Children's Aid Foundation – funding support
Halifax Youth Foundation – funding support
Nova Scotia Council for the Family – funding support
Nova Scotia Department of Community Services – primary funding support
Nova Scotia Department of Education – funding support
Nova Trophy – award plaques
Office of the Ombudsman – Newsletter distribution and funding support
Phoenix Learning & Employment Centre – meeting venue
Poets 4 Change – guest performers
United Way of Halifax Region – funding support
Youth Secretariat – Newsletter distribution

…And all the social workers, group home
staff, foster parents, biological parents,
school staff and DCS staff who supported
our youth this year!

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