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Abuse - Sexual Abuse Prevention, Vermont - B.C. Institute Against Family Violence

Resource and Connection site for Adoptors and Adoptees

Awards - Youth Achievement Awards

Bursaries/Scholarships - Nova Scotia Council for the Family - Children’s Aid Society of
Halifax Foundation

Child Welfare Organizations - Child Welfare League of Canada 
Resource Centre

Creative Journal/Expressive Arts - Dr. Lucia Capacchione

Depression/Suicide - Kids Help Phone           

Directories  - Department of Community Services: A collection of links of interest including N.S. Youth Secretariat, Youth Entrepreneurship, Youth Employability Project, and Youth Homelessness - Province-wide organizations, agencies, and regional community support groups  - People Places Programs: a province-wide directory of services and programs offered in areas of concern to people with disabilities, their families, and their service providers

Education  - An interactive seminar on the importance of education for middle and high school students - Dalhousie University - University of King's College - Mount Saint Vincent University - St. Mary's University - Nova Scotia Community College

Employability -
Youth Employability Project -
Phoenix Learning and Employment Centre

Employment  - Government of Canada  - Job Search – Job Search

Foster Care  - Federation of Foster Families of Nova Scotia

Group Homes - A.D.C.R.F.

Health/Sexuality - Canadian Health Network    - Planned Parenthood

Media - The Daily News - The Chronicle-Herald  - The Globe and Mail – The Coast – CBC Radio/Television

Ombudsman—Youth Issues  - Nova Scotia Children's Ombudsman's Office



The National Youth in Care Network exists to voice the opinions and concerns of youth in and from care and promote the improvement of services for them. NYICN is the only national constituency-driven consumer-focused organization in the Canadian child welfare sector. It is the longest-running national child welfare organization in Canada, and the oldest national youth-directed organization in Canada.


Tools & Manuals:  

Teens Now Talk - Atlantic Canadian teen magazine and website written by teens, for teens! Today's inspiring and creative teens present real teen issues and solutions in the form of poetry, short stories, and art plus sections on teen music, quizzes, fashion, beauty and health...Be Seen, Be heard, Be the Voice of your future and write your world.  

Young People’s Press

Young People’s Press is a North American news service that empowers a large network of youth and young adult writers to have a voice in the mainstream media and a space at the table of public opinion. YPP articles have been published in approximately 220 newspapers in Canada and 300 papers in the United States as well as on many Internet sites. YPP wants to showcase the issues young people care about, be it pop culture, politics or social issues.

Youth in Care Resources 

Transitional resources for youth in care and child welfare service providers. The mission of The Nova Scotia Council for the Family is to work on behalf of the well-being of all children and families in Nova Scotia. The Council is a registered charity made up of member organizations who serve children and/or families in the province.

Social Workers  - Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers

Youth Focus - HeartWood - Leave Out ViolencE  - National Youth in Care Network - Youth for Social Justice Network, Nova Scotia - Learning Disabilities Association of Nova Scotia - Youth Resources in Halifax (created by Laing House)

Other - Online Dictionary

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