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In a true “meeting of the minds”, in 2005-2006 a few senior youths from the Newsletter Project met with several Dalhousie University law students (through Pro Bono Students Canada) every other week at the Weldon Law Building at Dalhousie University. Their focus was to identify and answer key questions about the legal rights of youth in care. Further assistance was provided by Barrie MacFarlane, Supervisor, Children's Aid Society of Halifax; Chandra Gosine, Barrister, Nova Scotia Legal Aid; and Shawna Hoyte, Barrister, Dalhousie Legal Aid. The end result is a PowerPoint presentation, created by Ammy Purcell and Tina Doucette.

Since then, Ammy and Tina have presented "The Law and You: Survival Tips!" to the Newsletter Project Team in 2006 and in 2007, the Public Legal Education Association of Canada's national conference in Halifax in September, 2007, Children's Aid Society of Halifax social workers Children's Aid Society of Halifax social workers, the Children's Aid Society of Halifax Foundation's annual awards celebration, and to their own Grade 12 law classes. Tina also brought the presentation to the "Pump Up the Volume" conference in Toronto in October, 2006. Because we want to make this information available to as many youth in care as possible, we have posted their presentation here.

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